12.1.2010: Maggie

Maggie: Burcu Buyukunal’s face-altering jewelry. Domesticity and yellow gloves. Young Li Lee‘s be-ribboned designs. A blush on a dress. Birdcage. BDSM. Hideko Takamine in The Kiss (1955).

I might be a little irregular working on Wangie for a while, because I’m starting my graphic novel for First Second! Apologies and love for all your patience with me so far.

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11.16.2010: Fiona

Neck brace and fitted hood borrowed from the excellent Jonny Negron. Modified white dress shirts, à la Victor & Rolf S/S 2010. Medieval armor with coattails. A look of perplexity. Layered patent leather shoulder pads, but enough with that silhouette–a different one next week.

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11.7.2010: Stephanie

Drop-crotch might be played out, but I once saw a photograph of a pair of ill-fitting pantyhose that stayed with me. Thus–drop-crotch sheer tights. The ballerina sequence in Runaway and phyllo dough. Tutus with an organic shape, like shelf mushrooms. Marilyn Monroe. Sexual vulnerability.

Hey friends, sorry about the long hiatus. I’m back now. I took some extra time off to visit my grandparents in China, clear out my head, learn how to handle a regular brush, etc. Got a few illustrations in Nylon and the New Yorker in the meantime, and softened my black lines to gray. Hope I haven’t lost every reader!

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8.24.2010: Adele

Adele: Wide-waisted pants from this editorial: Femina, held up by one across-the-shoulder suspender strap. Padded boots. A wishbone brooch. Jack Kirby’s costume designs for Julius Caesar. Napoleon Bonaparte. Stiff felt capelet. Military accents.

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8.15.2010: Esha

Esha: Lately I’ve wanted a pair of mesh/chiffon overalls to go over a bodysuit, so I drew it in lieu of dropping cold hard cash on a seamstress to sew the overalls for me. Note that there’s an accidental Face In A Place on her chest. There, now you can’t unsee it, can you? Neither can I.

P.S. I’m back in Portland and returning to the regular schedule of Sunday updates (more or less). See you again next Sunday!

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7.12.2010: Anahit

Anahit: Red plastic antelope skull, with charms (and her house key cast in gold) dangling off the horns. A capelet of synthetic hair tightly curled into ringlets, layered over dip-dyed straight hair. Yomotsu-shikome, as imagined by Kazuma Kaneko. Furry “gems” studding the skirt. VV Brown’s music video “Game Over“–note the hairy/fringed cape. Powdered eyebrows.

I have to go on hiatus for a few weeks while I’m in Southern California without a scanner–sorry, guys! I’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con, just walking around, if anyone wants to grab a drink.

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7.6.2010: Helen

Helen: This Valentino dress. Silk-lined flower wig. Floral mesh shirt faking tattoos on your arms. Oversize cotton jersey onesie borrowed, with slight modifications, from Connor Willumsen. Gold-plated ribcage necklace (solid gold is too expensive). The Sun Queen, Louisa XIV. Harp wedges, sandal laces over padding.

Sorry I’ve been late with updates lately. Life’s been pretty hectic.

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6.28.2010: Peg

Peg: The album art for Alopecia. Raw wool necklace, ephemeral jewelry. I still think about the fringe in the Jil Sander Spring 2009 collection. Summer. Sunglasses printed with a cloudy blue sky. It’s too hot here to dress up.

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6.21.2010: Georgia

Georgia: The Good, The Bad, The Weird. Girl mullets. Prada S/S 2010 styling, especially the glasses. Blazer cut out like a swimsuit, belted. Marian Churchland’s impossible jackets. Tightly wound gridded scarf. A wish for Georgia to grow into her own someday.

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6.14.2010: Irene

Irene: This editorial, though I can’t decide whether the necklace would be agate or enamel. The boots are inspired (though warped beyond recognition) by the last page of Michael DeForge’s new comic, Queen, but don’t spoil yourself–start with the first page. Over-the-knee boots. Butch. Pale fur. The Marina Abramović Hotties tumblr. Marian Churchland’s illustrated imaginary fashion collection, particularly the “space onesie.”

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