4.27.2010: Pauline

Pauline: A recursive dress featuring a girl wearing a dress featuring a girl wearing a dress featuring—and so forth. I had a set of four tiny plastic bears when I was little that were covered in some kind of cheap velvety finish. One of them was named “Dainty” before I knew what the word meant—I simply liked the sound of it. I imagine those cat earrings would feel the same to the touch. Mesh dress with doubled (and tripled) mesh layers where the dress is recursive, or is that gimmicky? Heavily jeweled gloves.

(I just got back from Stumptown and boy are my stumps tired. Back on track this weekend.)

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4.20.2010: Bones

Colleen Baran’s Ring A Day project. The translucent plastic bones on the bracelet jangle pleasantly with every gesture. 24K gold finger bones on navy elastic ribbon. If you wear all nine on one hand and flex, they cut off your blood flow. Maybe I should’ve drawn gold thimbles for your five finger tips, but how would they stay up?

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4.18.2010: Lauren

Lauren: Opalite spines. Armor and vulnerability. A headband with carded, twisted wool (dyed pink) attached, or a volcano cerebrum made of cotton candy–either one. Elsien Gringhuis, Matthew Harding. A tiny candle/cigarette holder.

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4.11.2010: Diane

Diane: Gareth Pugh F/W 2010, Rick Owens F/W 2010. Cage/armor/ribbons. Hussein Chalayan’s laser dress. Anna Dello Russo’s jeweled cape. A ceramic deer. Nobuhiko Obayashi’s House.

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4.8.2010: Flesh

Flesh: Anatomy, manicures, and shoe fetishes. Dominic Jones’s nail gloves and YSL Tributes. A cloven hoof. David Lynch and Christian Louboutin’s collaboration on “Fetish”. Necropants. I’d kill (but not literally) for leggings printed with exposed muscles.

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4.4.2010: Ciara

Ciara: Yamanba (street style of the mountain hag). A Kabuki ghost wig, a hoodie, and a furry scarf. The translucent dress Lady Gaga wears during the diner scene in Telephone. Furry glasses and earrings. Lanvin. Sock suspenders, with a twist. The tall boots in Alexander McQueen’s final collection.

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4.1.2010: Ikebana

Ikebana: Woven bamboo ikebana baskets. The illusion of geta supported by plastic. Coral or dead branches. Tanner Springs Park. Cherries, pansies, springtime. Like Cinderella’s sister, you would have to lop off your ankle to fit your foot through that anklet, unless you imagine that it’s made of yellow rubber.

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