7.12.2010: Anahit

Anahit: Red plastic antelope skull, with charms (and her house key cast in gold) dangling off the horns. A capelet of synthetic hair tightly curled into ringlets, layered over dip-dyed straight hair. Yomotsu-shikome, as imagined by Kazuma Kaneko. Furry “gems” studding the skirt. VV Brown’s music video “Game Over“–note the hairy/fringed cape. Powdered eyebrows.

I have to go on hiatus for a few weeks while I’m in Southern California without a scanner–sorry, guys! I’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con, just walking around, if anyone wants to grab a drink.

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7.6.2010: Helen

Helen: This Valentino dress. Silk-lined flower wig. Floral mesh shirt faking tattoos on your arms. Oversize cotton jersey onesie borrowed, with slight modifications, from Connor Willumsen. Gold-plated ribcage necklace (solid gold is too expensive). The Sun Queen, Louisa XIV. Harp wedges, sandal laces over padding.

Sorry I’ve been late with updates lately. Life’s been pretty hectic.

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