7.12.2010: Anahit

Anahit: Red plastic antelope skull, with charms (and her house key cast in gold) dangling off the horns. A capelet of synthetic hair tightly curled into ringlets, layered over dip-dyed straight hair. Yomotsu-shikome, as imagined by Kazuma Kaneko. Furry “gems” studding the skirt. VV Brown’s music video “Game Over“–note the hairy/fringed cape. Powdered eyebrows.

I have to go on hiatus for a few weeks while I’m in Southern California without a scanner–sorry, guys! I’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con, just walking around, if anyone wants to grab a drink.

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4 Comments on “7.12.2010: Anahit”

  1. 1 Ryan said at 4:47 PM on July 15th, 2010:

    Something about the skull color/texture(?) reminds me of Marvin the Red’s armor in Dungeon Zenith!!!

  2. 2 Jordan said at 9:43 AM on July 16th, 2010:

    i have been following this blog and you are the best artist and i am so jealous!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!

  3. 3 chantele said at 3:40 PM on August 1st, 2010:

    What great drawings! Daisy Dayz Home

  4. 4 Dona Lethbridge said at 6:10 PM on September 27th, 2010:

    I feel a little squeamish about the cow (or whatever) skull. A little like wearing a remnant of a dead body…Pretty, though, especially with my house keys in gold…

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