5.18.2010: Aurélie

Laid up in bed sick and coughing. Please excuse the delay!

Aurélie: The music video for “Why Don’t You Love Me?”–particularly the martini-swilling, tear-streaked incarnation of Beyoncé. Cobblestones and felt. Vika Gazinskaya. Stigmata, but inside the shoe the metal has to curve around the foot to support it. Zippers creating adjustable holes where the arms stick out. But wear this with something inside, please.

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5.13.2010: Crust

Sorry I missed last week’s update without any warning–I was in Toronto and also quite sick. I’ll strive to make it up to you with extra accessory posts.

Crust: Michael DeForge, whom I sat next to at TCAF this weekend, and who is now a Doug Wright Award winner. Elastic and thick, loose socks. Bonsai by Anke Weiss. Rift by Andrea Meyers. Diamond leather shapes lined with burgundy suede, extending all the way up to your thigh, where they’re held up by suspenders (the kind that go over your shoulders, natch). Yeah, your legs would look fat. So what?

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4.8.2010: Flesh

Flesh: Anatomy, manicures, and shoe fetishes. Dominic Jones’s nail gloves and YSL Tributes. A cloven hoof. David Lynch and Christian Louboutin’s collaboration on “Fetish”. Necropants. I’d kill (but not literally) for leggings printed with exposed muscles.

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4.1.2010: Ikebana

Ikebana: Woven bamboo ikebana baskets. The illusion of geta supported by plastic. Coral or dead branches. Tanner Springs Park. Cherries, pansies, springtime. Like Cinderella’s sister, you would have to lop off your ankle to fit your foot through that anklet, unless you imagine that it’s made of yellow rubber.

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3.24.2010: Insect

Insect: Prada’s clear heels, Spring 2010. Ellis Scott photographs the jewellery of Dominic Jones. Silk knot cufflinks. Iridescent beetles suspended in lucite. Nicholas Kirkwood for Jean-Pierre Braganza.

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